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hanna kulentyHanna Kulenty 
Music 4

Portrait CD with 4 compositions.

Released: 13 May 2011.

Performed by Wrocław Chamber Orchestra LEOPOLDINUM, conducted by Ernst Kovacic. All compositions have been recorded in the studio, in presence of the composer. Gośka Isphording (harpsichord) and Bartosz Koziak (cello) are the soloists on this CD. Also the Wrocław Philharmonic Choir performs on one of the presented works. 

1.  GG - Concerto (2009) for harpsichord and string orchestra
2.  Music for Roy (2010) for mixed choir and chamber orchestra
3.  Breathe (1987) for string orchestra
4.  Sinequan Forte B (1994) for amplified cello and chamber orchestra

Released by the Wrocław Philharmonic and DUX Recording Producers (DUX 0823).
You can buy the CD online here.

 There is an excellent review in Polish by Anna Iwanicka-Nijakowska. Read the review here

Hanna Kulenty 
meets milf

The soundtrack of Łukasz Barczyk’s film ‘Unmoved Mover’. 

Released: 6 December 2008.

Compiled by Hanna Kulenty, some tracks reworked by Polish nu-metal/punk-rock/hip-hop band ‘milf’. It includes a specially composed electronic tape ‘Fabryka-tapes’ and parts of the compositions Preludium, Postludium and Psalm, Flute Concerto No. 1, A Third Circle, Still life with a cello, Violin Concerto No. 2

Arcs & Circles 

Porträtkonzert / Portrait Concert, 5. November 2000, Deutschlandfunk

Released: June 2001.

‘Arcs & Circles’ is a registration of a portrait concert for the German Radio ‘DeutschlandRadio’ in november 2000. 

It contains all the four Circles 
(Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth), 
the percussion piece Arci 
and Stretto. The recordings were made in the radio studio in Cologne (D).

A Third Circle  (7:29), Frank Peters - piano
A Fourth Circle  (20:54), Reimund Korupp - violin, Frank Peters - piano
A Fifth Circle  (7:56), Carin Levine - alto flute, Georg Hajdu - delay
A Sixth Circle  (13:44), Marco Blaauw - trumpet, Frédéric Lagnau - piano
Arci  (10:55), Edith Salmen - percussion
Stretto  for flute, clarinet, cello, guitar  (9:31),
Carine Levine, Bernhard Kösling, Stephan Breith and Seth Josel

First Violin Concerto

Version for violin, ensemble. Performed by Krzysztof Bąkowski and ensemble ‘de ereprijs’, conducted by Wim Boerman.

Released: November 1992

Live recording from a performance with a ballet by Tony Thatcher at the Arnhem School of Dance (Cenrte for New Dance Development, CNDO)

‘Hanna Kulenty’

A long play record (LP)
released in 1987

 for piano solo (8:01)
Jarosław Kapuściński - piano

Ad unum

 for symphony orchestra (15:50)
Silesian Philharmonic
Orchestra, Karol Stryja - cond.


 for percussion solo (13:04)
Stanisław Skocyński - percussion